Coping with Stress: Effective People and Processes


ISBN: 9780195130447
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Editorial: Oxford University
Edición: 1a
Año: 2001
Autor:  Snyder
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This is a companion volume to Coping: The Psychology of What Works, which is also edited by Snyder. This second book includes chapters by some of the most well known clinical and health psychologists and covers some of the newest and most provocative topics currently under study in the area of coping. The contributors address the key questions in this literature: Why do some of us learn from hardship and life’s stressors? And why do others fail and succumb to depression, anxiety, and even suicide? What are the adaptive patterns and behaviors of those who do well in spite of the obstacles that are thrown their way? The chapters will look at exercise as a way of coping with stress, body imaging, the use of humor, forgiveness, control of hostile thoughts, ethnicity and coping, sexism and coping aging and relationships, constructing a coherent life story, personal spirituality, and personal growth.Preface
1. Dr. Seuss, the Coping Machine, and «Oh the Places Will Can Go», C. R. Snyder and Kimberley Pulvers
2. Getting Things Done on Time: Conquering Procrastination, Joseph R. Ferrari
3. Coping and Coherence: a Narrative Perspective on Resilience, Robert Neimeyer and Heidi Levitt
4. The Humor Solution, Herbert M. Lefcourt
5. Forgiving, Michael E. McCullough
6. Coping with the Inevitability of Death: Terror Management and Mismanagement, Tom Pyszczynski et al.
7. Managing Hostile Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions: the Lifeskills Approach, Redford B. Williams and Virginia P. Williams
8. Comparing Favorably: a Cognitive Approach to Coping through Comparison with Other Persons, Thomas Ashby Wills and James M. Sandy
9. Self-Focused Attention and Coping: Attending to the Right Things, Nancy A. Hamilton and Rick E. Ingram
10. Dealing with Secrets, Anita E. Kelly
11. A Look at the Coping Strategies and Styles of Asian Americans: Similar and Different?, Edward C. Chang
12. Aging and Coping: the Activity Solution, Gail Williamson and W. Keith Dooley
13. Methods of Coping from the Religions of the World: Healing, Karma, and the Bar Mitzvah, Kenneth I. Pargament, Margaret M. Poloma, and Nalini Tarakeshwar
14. Patterns of Coping, C. R. Snyder and Kimberley Pulvers


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